Available student projects

A much-needed OpenSSL wrapper for Go
Write and evaluate an OpenSSL binding for the Go language Capstone SSP/TSP
Keywords: coding, Internet scans, network security

Scanning robots
Carry out global Internet scans to find out what web servers try to hide. Capstone
Keywords: Internet scans, network security, data analysis

Honeypots for blockchains
Build a honeypot for blockchains and investigate attacker behaviour. Capstone
Keywords: honey pot, blockchain, network security

Smart Contract Analysis on Blockchains (taken)
Detect and generate exploits in smart contracts. Honours SSP/TSP
Keywords: static analysis, software security

Analysing the traffic of mobile messengers
Investigate the network traffic of WeChat & co. Capstone Honours SSP/TSP
Keywords: network monitoring, network security, data analysis

Analysing the attack surface of JavaScript dependencies (taken)
Investigate the JavaScript ecosystem and look for vulnerabilities. Honours SSP/TSP
Keywords: data analysis, software security