Honeypots for blockchains (taken)

Blockchains have become popular platforms for trading assets. They are best-known for their two main representatives, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchains are operated by tens of thousands of clients, akin to peer-to-peer networks. This makes the clients attractive targets for criminals, and attacks, intrusion, and theft have indeed already been reported.

In this project, we are going to build an honeypot for a popular blockchain. This is software that imitates the behaviour of a blockchain client and is seemingly open to attack - however, its true purpose is to log the activities of an attacker trying to compromise the “blockchain client”. Such data gives deep insights into attacker behaviour and motivation.

This project is suitable for several students as we can develop honeypots for different blockchains that might share parts of the code.

Keywords: honey pot, blockchain, network security

Advisor(s): Ralph Holz, Guillaume Jourjon

Suitable for: Capstone

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