Available student projects

Please note: My student intake for S1 2018 is complete. The below topics are only available for later starting dates.

Crawl all the coins (theme)
Add another blockchain network to our observatory Honours SSP/TSP
Keywords: blockchain, scan, coding, security

Experimentation and data analysis in blockchain networks (theme)
Understand what blockchain networks are made of Honours SSP/TSP
Keywords: blockchain, experiment, coding, security

Measuring Internet protocol security (theme)
Find out how insecure the Internet really is Honours SSP/TSP
Keywords: security, scan, monitor, measurement

Creating live demos for HackRF
Create fun demos using our HackRF Capstone SSP/TSP
Keywords: coding, Software Defined Radio, HackRF, security, demo

A much-needed OpenSSL wrapper for Go
Write and evaluate an OpenSSL binding for the Go language Capstone SSP/TSP
Keywords: coding, Internet scans, network security