Available student projects

Please note: My student intake for Q3 2020 is complete. The below topics are only available for later starting dates.

A much-needed OpenSSL wrapper for Go
Write and evaluate an OpenSSL binding for the Go language MSc
Keywords: coding, Internet scans, network security

Crawl all the coins (theme)
Add another blockchain network to our observatory MSc
Keywords: blockchain, scan, coding, security

Creating live demos for HackRF
Create fun demos using our HackRF MSc
Keywords: coding, Software Defined Radio, HackRF, security, demo

Experimentation and data analysis in blockchain networks (theme)
Understand what blockchain networks are made of MSc
Keywords: blockchain, experiment, coding, security

Measuring Internet protocol security (theme)
Find out how insecure the Internet really is MSc
Keywords: security, scan, monitor, measurement