Creating live demos for HackRF

We have a HackRF, and we intend to use it!

The HackRF is a broad-band Software Defined Radio, allowing us to monitor and display all sorts of wireless traffic: from classic ham radio, AM/FM, and WiFi all the way to ADS-B aircraft traffic, AIS ship tracking, and even radio astronomy. Anything between 1MHz and 6GHz, in fact (if you can find an antenna).

We currently use the hackRF primarily for our demos (think Open Day), but obviously there is so much more that could be done. This project is for students who want to be creative and who have a solid background in signal processing, be it from uni or private study. We want you to propose a use of the hackRF that is interesting from a security perspective and that is easily demonstrable. The project can be entirely yours - we just require a cool outcome. We’d love something with IoT.

Keywords: coding, Software Defined Radio, HackRF, security, demo

Advisor(s): Ralph Holz

Suitable for: MSc

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